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    Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Cosmetics > Skin Care > Lotion & Moisturizer
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Face mask "Moisturizing WITH A MASK" (50 ml) - moisturizing cream

- Valmont -

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Face mask "Moisturizing
WITH A MASK" (50ml)

High quality moisturizer

"Moisturizing WITH A MASK" (50 ml) from Valmont gives the skin an extra boost of moisture and thus creates pure well-being through hydration ! Pamper your face with this premium moisturizing cream mask. The power moisture complex makes the skin appear radiantly fresh.

face mask

Apply generously to face and neck in the morning and/or evening after cleansing - leave on for about 10 minutes and remove with a cloth.

All brands of fragrances and cosmetics offered by Maicona
are 100% natural!

- Capacity: 50ml
- Ideal for all skin types
- Works day and night

For more than a hundred years, the "Valmont" brand has stood for perfection, quality and cellular cosmetics in the form of high-quality products. Founded in 1905 in Montreux (Switzerland), the Valmont Clinic was the first in the country to offer hydrotherapy (water medicine) and specific nutritional advice. Due to extensive experience with beauty and moisturizing care and with the help of additional knowledge gained in the field of cellular cosmetics, Valmont concentrated from 1985 - entirely on the area of ​​"cosmetics and beauty care". Their care lines should focus on highly effective anti-aging products with a lasting and recognizable effect on the skin. That is why the company is now committed to researching and creating products that specifically and actively combat all signs of skin aging.

The basic price for the product for a quantity of 50 ml
per liter is €2360.

The active ingredients of the cream are listed on the product packaging or
listed on an imprint on the article.

product info
Type/model/series: face mask, moisturizer
Colour: white, green, golden
Content: approx. 50 ml

Article number: BS10000260
Identifier: 7612017050164

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