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LEGO®DC "Batman - Chasing the Penguin" with the Batboat

- LEGO -

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LEGO®DC "Batman - Pursuit
of the penguin"

Featuring Batman and the Batboat

Bruce Wayne is "Batman" - the dark knight and legendary super-powered hero of Gotham City. After his parents were murdered, he dedicated himself to fighting crime. While he appears to the public to live a carefree life as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, he actually takes on the bad guys as a martial arts expert and detective, in a mask and cape. As a symbol he chose the bat, a creature of the night that once frightened him as a child, which should now frighten his opponents. The character is from the comic universe of "DC".

The 54-piece toy set "Batman - Chasing the Penguin - with the Batboat" from the LEGO®DC series ensures action in the children's room! The dark knight of Gotham chases his opponent, the penguin aka Oswald Cobblepot, across the water. With your help and above all the fast Batboat (13 cm) he will certainly succeed in arresting the opponent: Throw the batarang!

Assemble the two boats, the Batboat (13 cm) and the Duck Boat, quickly and easily, and the chase can begin. The content includes the characters Batman and Penguin.

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The boats don't float, but they offer endless play opportunities!

The article enables imaginative role-playing games for children and the young at heart and is also suitable for adult collectors or passionate fans.

In the 1930s, "DC" began in the United States as a comic book company that popularized characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The superheroes became known all over the world through cinema films, TV series and cartoon series. Numerous merchandising items were created, e.g. B. toys, collectible figures or clothing. Superman and Batman in particular have long been part of pop culture. Would you like to know more about "DC"? Then click on Maico-Pedia Kids!

lego batman

LEGO was founded in Denmark in 1932. The catchy name is an abbreviation of "leg godt" (German: play well). In the 1950s, the development of the colorful bricks increased rapidly: A modular system with plates, slopes and wheels was created with which houses and vehicles could be built, among other things. Technical elements completed the offer. The imaginative playsets made noises and blinked, moved. Over the decades, LEGO has risen to become one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. From films to comics, from pirates and knights, from unicorns to dragons - children can enjoy role-playing games and create their own creative worlds. Imagination, patience and skill are trained in a playful way. Want to know more about LEGO? Then click on Maico-Pedia Kids!

Recommended from 4 years
Please note: small parts are included, therefore exists
Choking hazard for small children.

product data
Manufacturer/Supplier: LEGO®DC
Model/Series: Super Heroes: Batman - Pursuit of the Penguin (76158) /
Batboat The Penguin Pursuit
Year: 2020
Type: LEGO vehicle
Characters : Batmen, Penguin
Parts: 54
Material: plastic
Packing size: approx. 4.6 x 19.1 x 14.1 cm
Weight: about 140g
Item number: SS10000080
Identifier: 5702016619379

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