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Luminaire "Batman - GoGlow Buddy" - Night Light & Flashlight

- Moose Toys -

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"Batman - GoGlow Buddy" Light

Night Light & Flashlight

Bruce Wayne is "Batman" - the dark knight and legendary super-powered hero of Gotham City. After his parents were murdered, he dedicated himself to fighting crime. While he appears to the public to live a carefree life as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, he actually takes on the bad guys as a martial arts expert and detective, in a mask and cape. At his side is often the young Robin and his comrades-in-arms from the Justice League such as Superman or Wonder Woman.

batman face

Night light and flashlight in one: Put the cool Batman GoGlow Buddy figure from Moose Toys as a night light by the bed and when the lights go out, it gives off a soft glow so that the room isn't completely dark. If you pick it up, the light goes on immediately and the figure turns into a flashlight! When the good buddy is set down again, it returns to its soothing glow. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the lamp turns off automatically.

This combination of night light and flashlight made of flexible material is the perfect nighttime companion. Once the light goes out, the friendly face stays lit, giving your child a sense of security and comfort, even in the dark.

This soft touch light is kid friendly designed and perfect
for all little superhero fans!

- Emits soft and warm light
- Night light and flashlight in one
- Automatically turn on the night light in the dark
- Turn into flashlight by touch
- Automatic switch off after 10 minutes
- LED light is cool to the touch too

Make bedtime fun with the GoGlow night lights from Moose Toys . Snuggle up, have sweet dreams & snooze peacefully - this is how bedtime becomes your new favorite time and your child wakes up rested. Thanks to the GoGlow night lights, your child's favorite character now provides light in the evening instead of a conventional lamp. This makes bedtime fun! GoGlow is the solution for bedtime heroes and those who want to become one: Magical night lights, practical flashlights and fluffy friends take away the fear of falling asleep for your child.

Moose Toys is a toy design, development and distribution company founded in 1985. It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, but operates worldwide. Moose invents and sells toys in the categories: collectibles, creative and craft sets, dolls and interactive toys (plush animals with functions and robots). They had great success with Scruff-a-Luvs and Shopkins.
Do you prefer Spider-Man to Batman? No problem - look HERE!

Age recommendation: from 3 years
The manufacturer's battery and disposal instructions must be observed.

product data
Manufacturer/Supplier: Moose Toys, DC
Model/Series: Batman Go Glow Buddy MOT-14334
Color: Blue, Yellow
Radiation: about 2m
Dimensions packaging: approx. 172 x 222 x 70 mm
Dimensions: approx. 34 x 43 x 45 cm
Weight : about 0.05 kg

Power supply: battery (3 x type Micro KR03 AAA; not included)
Voltage: 200V

Lumens: 200 lm (2 - 4 Watt LED)
Energy efficiency: A+
LEDs: Yes
Insulation sensor: Yes
Automatic switch-off: 10 minutes

Item number: SS10001630
Identifier: 0630996143346
Moose logo

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