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Schreib- und Zeichentafel
Schreib- und Zeichentafel
Schreib- und Zeichentafel
Schreib- und Zeichentafel
Schreib- und Zeichentafel
Schreib- und Zeichentafel
Schreib- und Zeichentafel
Schreib- und Zeichentafel
Schreib- und Zeichentafel

Writing and drawing board "Magic Drablet" (8.5 inches) with magnets

- InnovaGoods -

    Shipping from: Spain
    Condition: New
21,42 €
18,26 €
    Delivery time: 5-7 working days, free shipping, only EU

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Writing and drawing board
"Magic Drablet" (8 inch)

With two magnets on the back

The magic writing and drawing board "Magic Drablet" is perfect for short notes while working, to sketch images and structures or to e.g. B. to leave messages for the still sleeping family. The electronic panel is powered by a battery. With a short press on the button, the information can be easily deleted.

There are two magnets on the back so that the electronic graphic board can be attached e.g. B. can be quickly attached to the refrigerator. With the help of the enclosed double-sided adhesive tape, you can of course also place the board somewhere else. The pen is attached directly to the board with a cord and is therefore always ready to hand. Your handwriting is shown clearly and distinctly in blue-green color on the display.

The LCD board is suitable for the whole family. Children can also learn to draw and write on it, solve short tasks or simply let their imagination run wild. Whether traveling, in the office or as a message board for the family at home - you will not want to give up the electronic graphic board again!

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Innovagoods was founded in 1990 and since then has been active as a manufacturer and supplier of an innovative, high-quality and constantly growing range: cooking, household goods, sports, beauty products, etc. With factories in China and the logistics center in Valencia (Spain), the Spanish company exports to more than 100 countries.

product data
Manufacturer/Supplier: InnovaGoods
Type/Model/Series: LCD Writing and Drawing Tablet Magic Drablet,
Material: ABS (plastic), LCD screen
Colour: black
Dimensions: approx. 14.5 x 22.5 x 0.5 cm (W x H x D)
Screen dimensions: 8.5 inches / 22.5 cm
Weight: about 0.120kg
OS: Windows 8 Enterprise, Android 9 Pie
Display technology: LCD
Graphics card: Integrated
Power source: battery, 1 x CR2016 lithium button cell, 60 mAh (included)

Article number: HO10000510
Identifier: 8435527812560

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