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Smartphone Ladestation Qi
Smartphone Ladestation Qi
Smartphone Ladestation Qi
Smartphone Ladestation Qi
Smartphone Ladestation Qi
Smartphone Ladestation Qi

Smartphone Qi charging station "POWERED" - charge and keep using

- Logitech -

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Smartphone Qi charging station

Charge and keep using

"Powered" is a Qi charging station that allows you to continue using your smartphone during wireless charging in portrait or landscape mode - the angle of the screen is 65°. Effortlessly use FaceTime, answer e-mails or watch your favorite series without having to take the phone out of the charging station.

The station is Qi-certified and optimized for charging with up to 7.5W power output for the Apple iPhone and 5W for other Qi-enabled smartphones. Powered is small enough to easily find its place on the bedside table, on the kitchen counter and anywhere else you charge and need your phone.

POWERED also works with non-metallic cases up to 3mm thick that do not contain any magnetic parts. Apple silicone and leather cases are compatible. The iPhone 8 Plus requires a case with a full bottom opening.

The U-shape of the charging station guarantees a perfect placement every time. Simply insert your cell phone and off you go!

- Overheating protection with integrated sensors for heat regulation
- No audible fans
- Overcharge protection
-Sturdy design made of non-slip material
- Integrated charging cable made of thermoplastic polyurethane
- Optimized for iPhone

Qi (pronounced chee) is the Chinese word for life energy and describes a system developed in 2008 for wireless energy transmission using electromagnetic induction over a short distance. Fast chargers require an external power source and usually have an output of 7 to 15 watts. Before ordering, please check whether your mobile device is Qi-enabled.

- The device only has to be placed on it: e.g. charging mat, charging station, base, mousepad
- Devices and chargers can be from different manufacturers
- A single charger can be used for multiple devices
- No tangled cables or material wear, dust does not penetrate, protection against discharges
- BUT compared to USB chargers: Longer charging times, more energy loss.

The offer does not include smartphones.

Logitech international SA was founded in Switzerland in 1981. The main headquarters is now in Newark/California. The name is based on the French word for software (logiciel). The best-known products are computer mice and keyboards, which is where the three-button function for mice and the wireless mouse came from. The company develops and sells peripheral devices for PC control, video communication and smart home.

product data
Manufacturer/Supplier: Logitech
Type/model: POWERED Wireless Charging Stand
Colour: white
Cable length:
approx. 1.5 m
Power source:
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Max Power: 7.5W
Input Voltage: 100-240V
Max Output Voltage:
Charging compatibility : QI smartphones
AC adapter output current: 1.125 A
Dimensions: approx. 10 x 0.75 x 10.5 cm (W x D x H)
Weight: approx. 400 g

Article number:
Identifier: 5099206079854

Logitech logo

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