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Helm und Ellenbogen/Knieschützer Set
Helm und Ellenbogen/Knieschützer Set
Helm und Ellenbogen/Knieschützer Set
Helm und Ellenbogen/Knieschützer Set
Helm und Ellenbogen/Knieschützer Set
Helm und Ellenbogen/Knieschützer Set

Helmet, elbow & knee pads (5 pieces) for skaters - protect Marvel's Avenger

- Marvel -

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Helmet, elbow & knee pads
(5 parts) for skaters

Marvel's Avenger protect while skateboarding

In the 1930s, "Marvel" began as a comic book publisher in the USA. Many heroes and teams such as "The Fantastic Four" or "The Avengers" were created under the leadership of the draftsman Stan Lee. Soon, movies, TV series, and cartoons made superheroes famous around the world. Numerous merchandising items were created, e.g. B. toys, collectible figures or textiles. In the meantime, characters such as Spider-Man, Iron-Man or Hulk in particular have become part of modern pop culture. Would you like to know more about MARVEL? Then click on Maico-Pedia Kids!

This 5-piece "Marvel Avengers protection set", consisting of a helmet (size 50 to 56) and knee and elbow pads , ensures safety when skateboarding. The set meets the required standards. The protectors can be fastened with Velcro straps, making them easy to adjust and fasten. Safety and protection come first! The helmet features some members of the Avengers , such as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor, as well as the logo of the superhero team.

The Avenger (also called "Die Rächer" in Germany) is a team of super beings that Stan Lee created for Marvel in 1963. Initially created only as a placeholder, the series soon became the forerunner of comics. Founding members included Iron-Man, Thor, Hulk, The Wasp, and Ant-Man. More heroes would follow later, others dropped out. The Avengers slogan is: Avengers, collect!

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The set can also be used on the bike . The same requirements apply in the leisure sector: Only the other way around, a bicycle helmet is not advisable for skaters. In contrast to bicycle helmets, Sateboard helmets have a closed shell. This covers the temples, the forehead and the entire back of the head up to the neck. This helmet protects children while learning to drive and during their free time.

Attention: The helmet should not be chosen one size too big to possibly wear a hat underneath. The shell must not move when the head is shaken. The strap system should run in front of the ear and be firmly adjustable without pinching under the chin.

1 skate helmet
2 knee pads
2 elbow pads

product data
Manufacturer/Supplier: Marvel
Model/Series: Protection Set Marvel Avengers
Material helmet:
plastic, polystyrene foam; mesh inside
Head circumference helmet: 50 to 56
Material Protectors: Nylon, Polypropylene
Maximum weight for protectors: 25 kg
Colour: blue
parts: 5

Item number: SS10001030
Identifier: 3496272995071


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