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Inline skates "Ultimate Spider-Man" for children - choose your size!

- Marvel -

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Ultimate Spider-Man Roller Skates
for children

Choose your shoe size: 27 to 30 or 30 to 33

In the 1930s, "Marvel" began as a comic book publisher in the USA. Many heroes and teams such as "The Fantastic Four" or "The Avengers" were created under the leadership of the draftsman Stan Lee. Soon, movies, TV series, and cartoons made superheroes famous around the world. Numerous merchandising items were created, e.g. B. toys, collectible figures or textiles. In the meantime, characters such as Spider-Man, Iron-Man or Hulk in particular have become part of modern pop culture. Would you like to know more about MARVEL? Then click on Maico-Pedia Kids!

These robust inline skates "Ultimate Spider-Man" from Marvel guarantee hours of skating fun. They can be adjusted to four different sizes at the push of a button on the heel, so that they simply grow with the child.

Due to the hard
boot and double quick attachment , the skates are very comfortable. The colors, the lettering and the image of "Spider-Man" (The Spider) perfect the outfit of the cool red and blue skates.

If you order more than one (2 or 3) of the product, you will receive 5% on this item! Just enter the code at checkout: DISCOUNT5

The Amazing "Spider-Man" aka Peter Parker is a popular character from the Marvel Comics Universe. It first appeared in 1962 and was conceived by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, young Peter developed superhuman strength and spider sense, which warned him of danger. He developed into a superhero who proved himself in countless adventures against evil villains. The friendly neighborhood "spider" eventually became a member of the Avengers as well. Through movies, comics and countless merchandising items, the character advanced to become part of modern pop culture.

Spider Man

Caution: Please check the screws before using them for the first time and tighten them if necessary. The condition of the screws should be checked regularly.

product data
Manufacturer/Supplier: Marvel

Model/Series: Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man
Type: hard boot
Material: polyester fabric, PVC, aluminum (frame)
Color: Blue, Red
Closure Type: Clip Closure
Diameter wheels: depending on size 55 - 60 mm
Size: 27/30, 30/33
Article number: SS1000044

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