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Small toys
Small toys
Small toys
Small toys

Small toys "Grande Bag: Girls" - Different sizes

- Maidhof -

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38,00 €
32,50 €
    Shipping from: Germany
    Condition: New

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Small toys "lucky bag:
Girls" - 5 or 10 bags

Choose a small or a large bag!

With the lovingly put together surprise bags, filled with small toys "For girls", you get the perfect gift for children's birthday parties . The bags are already packed and labeled. So you don't have to do any more work and have more time to take care of the guests. Provide surprised and amazed children's looks: What more could you wish for?


- Each small bag contains two surprises (10 bags)
- each big bag contains five surprises (5 bags)
- The content is intended for girls and the bags are labeled accordingly

Do you need a larger number of bags? Just write to us

For multiple orders (2 or 3) and shipping, we reduce the price of the item by 5% - just enter the following code at checkout: DISCOUNT5

Different designs: The present models are manufactured in different designs. The items are selected at random for shipping and depend on stocks. As a result, the delivered products may differ slightly in color or shape from the images shown here.

Although the package is designed for "girls", it is of course intended for all genders and ages that can enjoy it :o)

The basic price per bag is €3.30 / €6.60.

Recommended from 3 years
Please note:
There are small parts in the package, so there is

Choking hazard for small children.

product info
Manufacturer/Supplier: Maidhof
Type/Art: Grab Bag "For Girls"
Material: plastic
Dimensions-Large: Approx. 14 x 18 cm.
Dimensions-Small: approx. 20 x 26 cm.
Quantity: 5 or 10 bags

Item number: SS1000154


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