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Puzzle DC
Puzzle DC
Puzzle DC
Puzzle DC
Puzzle DC
Puzzle DC

Puzzle DC "Batman - Impossible Puzzle!" (1000 pieces)

- Ravensburger -

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Puzzle DC "Batman-Impossible
Puzzle!" (1000 pieces)

Colorful motifs from the Batman Comics

Bruce Wayne is "Batman" - the dark knight and legendary super-powered hero of Gotham City. After his parents were murdered, he dedicated himself to fighting crime. While he appears to the public to live a carefree life as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, he actually takes on the bad guys as a martial arts expert and detective, in a mask and cape.

The " Batman - Impossible Puzzle!" has 1000 parts and a size of 69 x 50 cm when completed. The comic icon is shown here in a collage in various motifs, action-packed and colourful. The puzzle can later be used as a mural.

Even if the manufacturer claims otherwise (Impossible = impossible): The puzzle is challenging, but definitely solvable!

DC logo

In the 1930s, "DC" began in the United States as a comic book company that popularized characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The superheroes became known all over the world through cinema films, TV series and cartoon series. Numerous merchandising items were created, e.g. B. toys, collectible figures or clothing. Superman and Batman in particular have long been part of pop culture. Would you like to know more about "DC"? Then click on Maico-Pedia Kids!

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"Clementoni Puzzles" stands for tailor-made puzzles from Italy. Not only that the accurately punched puzzle pieces hold together very well and have a radiant color strength, the puzzles also inspire with a varied selection of motifs. With the help of precise punching tools, all the puzzle pieces nestle together perfectly, can be quickly disassembled and neatly stowed away in the box. In addition, the puzzles are made of environmentally friendly special paper, which minimizes annoying reflections on the scenery. The extremely high quality of the material is also evident from the fact that dust and dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.


Jigsaw puzzles are like jogging for the brain, it trains the ability to think and increases the ability to concentrate and learn.

Recommended from 9 years
Please note: small parts are included, therefore small children may be a choking hazard.

product data
Manufacturer/Supplier: Clementoni, DC

Model/Series: Batman - Impossible Puzzle! 39575

Laying size: approx. 69 x 50 cm (W x H)

Item number: SS10000850
Identifier: 8005125395750

Clementoni logo

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