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Game "Stratego Compact Game" by Jumbo - classic board game for on the go

- Jumbo Spiele -

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Game "Stratego compact game"
by jumbo

Classic games for on the go

"Stratego Compact Game
" by Jumbo is the classic strategic game of attack and defense. The compact version is designed as a travel game, packed in a small practical case and therefore ideal to take with you and play on the go!

Are you brave enough for this strategic game fun?

Attack and defeat the opponent!

"Stratego" is about conquering the opposing flag. It's THE classic strategy game - the battle of the Redcoats under Lieutenant Jacques Cavalier against the Bluecoats. The players first decide on the secret deployment of their troops before the exciting battle begins. Complete your mission and help your army as a smart strategist to defeat the opponent.

Learn to think strategically: the parlor game is a great challenge for young and old (from 8 years) and remains exciting move after move.

Did you know that all over the world there are even "Stratego" championships
get organized?

Stratego image

The Dutchman JJ Mogendorff is considered to be the inventor of Stratego . However, a similar version already existed in France in 1909, where Hermance Edan patented "L'Attaque". Various modifications later appeared in Europe. Then in 1958 the game publishers Hausemann & Hötte (Jumbo ) received the license from Morgendorff for Stratego - and in the 1960s a worldwide triumph of the popular strategy game began, which continues to this day.

Jumbo Spiele GmbH , based in the German city of Haan, is a brand of the Dutch game publisher Hausmann & Hötte , which has been active in the conception, development and marketing of games since 1853. The red elephant logo now adorns many classic games, such as "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".

Recommended from 8 years
Please note: small parts are included, therefore exists
Choking hazard for small children.

product info
Manufacturer/Supplier: Jumbo Spiele GmbH
Model/Series: 19819 - Stratego compact game
Dimensions: approx. 16 x 5 x 24 cm (L x W x H)
Player : 2
Release date: 2021

Item number: SS10001670
Identifier: 8710126198193

jumbo logo

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