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USB-Stick DC
USB-Stick DC
USB-Stick DC

USB stick DC "Batman 3D symbol - Collector" 16 GB from EMTEC


    Shipping from: Germany
    Condition: New
24,50 €
21,00 €
    Delivery time: 5-7 working days, free shipping, only EU

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USB stick DC "Batman 3D symbol - Collector" 16 GB from EMTEC

Storage for documents, photos and backups

Bruce Wayne is "Batman" - the dark knight and legendary super-powered hero of Gotham City. After his parents were murdered, he dedicated himself to fighting crime. While he appears to the public to live a carefree life as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, he actually takes on the bad guys as a martial arts expert and detective, in a mask and cape. As a symbol he chose the bat, a creature of the night that once frightened him as a child, which should now frighten his opponents.


With the USB stick DC "Batman 3D symbol" from the Comic Collector series from EMTEC , you always have your data with you: Whether it's music, films, documents or backups - the Dark Knight ensures that your files are protected from villains such as the Joker and the penguin are safe :o)

Take your most important data with you everywhere, whether from the office to the home office or to visit friends. Of course, you can also use the 16 GB storage space for data backup. In any case, the symbol of the legendary Dark Knight will become an eye-catcher.

In 1997 the German company EMTEC was founded to continue the traditional brand BASF Magnetics. The world's second largest manufacturer of data storage became part of the French Dexxon Group in 2006 and continues to distinguish itself with easy-to-use, stylish and powerful products.

product data
Manufacturer/Supplier: EMTEC, DC Comics
Model/Series: USB Flash Drive 16GB

Capacity: 16GB
Read Speed: Up to 15MB/s
Write Speed: Up to 5MB/s
Operating system: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000 / Mac OS X / Linux 2.6x
Compatibility: Universal compatibility with USB 2.0

Article number: HO10001040
Identifier: 3126170172716
EMTEC logo

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