About us | Maicona shopping mile | The idea was born in early 2021


Online trade has long been dominant in our society, while the local shopping streets have to reinvent themselves. So if you want to offer customers something, you face a variety of challenges. Global corporations dominate the virtual markets, while local retailers can score points with their home advantage. At the beginning of 2021, the idea for the Maicona shopping mile was born , the idea of ​​combining the advantages of both sides.

This is how our small team of committed and creative employees was formed to set up an online shop that puts regional offers and interesting products from international manufacturers in the shop windows. We work with reliable dropshipping providers, but also exclusively with regional manufacturers. We concentrate on selected subject areas with a manageable number of articles. In this way we can check the products carefully and support the sale in a service-oriented manner. Maintaining the high quality of our goods and serving customers is our priority. The concept with clear delivery times and tightly calculated permanently low prices (including shipping costs and taxes) makes us a popular contact.

Right from the start, our goal was to offer a real alternative to the big shops and the local stroll through town. After all, online shopping can also invite you to stroll and linger . Anyone strolling through the virtual shopping mile will discover small, exciting shops along the mile . For example, there are toys for small and large children in the SpielFun shop , helpful home office products at HOffice and great ideas from the Wilhelmshaven flower shop Biebrachs Blumen und Meer to admire. The Cafe Maico on the market square is ideal for a break . Then it goes into the winding bargain alley on the hunt for special offers, in the Meilengarten to surprise barbecue and garden friends, or to find stylish products at BestStyle .

Maicona GmbH is behind the portal. It was founded in April 2021 on the North Sea coast in Wilhelmshaven, initiated by the versatile main shareholder Dennis Biebrach . In the summer of the same year, the virtual business district finally opened its doors and soon developed into an interesting destination. It works for us! The low Maico prices have quickly become a trademark. Of course, the Maicona shopping mile is also on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest present.

The name Maicona came about as a spontaneous play on words. It is composed of the French "maison" (house) and the Latin "conare" (try). The short and memorable acronym quickly caught on with our team. In the same year, we moved into an office at Bismarckstraße 235 in the lively district of Siebethsburg, where our managing director Sandra Bendfeldt has been taking care of the concerns of residents and visitors as the caring “mayor” of the shopping mile. Together we are working on a constant expansion of our district. Why shouldn't Maicona grow into a viral city? We look forward to further development of the portal and cooperation with our customers.

Have fun strolling!